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Rick Harlow

Director of Design Strategy, Visualhero Design Co.

from Grand Rapids, Michigan / USA

Rick Harlow

Master Class

Design’s Holy Grail: The Trojan Rabbit

Friday, September 8
10:30 – 12:45
Master Class Room

About Rick

Rick Harlow studied psychology and management and began his career as a financial analyst before working in the design field. He is now the director of design strategy at Visualhero, the official design studio of OST - a technology services firm based in the United States with offices on three continents.

Rick uses his diverse background to help organizations large and small create meaningful digital products and services that balance user needs with business capabilities. He believes that radical curiosity and focusing on the human experience help deliver meaningful products and services for people.

Rick has also been involved in organizing conference events including the Balanced Team Summit 2015, Midwest UX Conference, and Product Development and Management Association.