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Tobias Haug

Head of Design & Co-Innovation Center, EMEA SAP

from / Germany

Tobias Haug


Humanizing big business

Friday, September 8
14:30 – 15:15
Conference Room

About Tobias

Over the last 16 years, Toby Haug has gathered international experience in a broad variety of fields – from zoology, consulting, software design, and management. With over 12 years experience leading design teams, he is a firm believer in the role of design management in establishing design practices within „traditional“ business environments and mentoring conditions in which design moves from tactical to strategic value. He currently leads a highly-networked international design team within SAP, a global enterprise software company, with the purpose of establishing design as an integral part of their relationship with customers and partners. He is also a passionate evangelist of modern management principles which place a high value on adaptive teams, self-driven organic structures, strategic improvisation, and creative flexibility.