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Alexander Derno Dennis Middeke


Enterprise Design at Deutsche Telekom

Friday, September 8
12:00 – 12:45
Conference Room

Alexander Derno
Enterprise 2.0 Communication & Media Specialist, Deutsche Telekom

Dennis Middeke
Partner, eda

You And Me is the social intranet of Deutsche Telekom, one of the leading TelCos in Europe. The goal of You And Me is to foster co-creation among all employees of Deutsche Telekom and its subsidiaries, by connecting employees, offering useful tools and making information accessible for everyone. eda.c is working with the You And Me Team since the launch in 2011.

With its growing user base, the complexity and the demands for new digital offerings increased. We started with reframing the challenge. Our discussions should not get stuck in arguing about new IT solutions. Instead we were planning to find better ways to understand the needs of employees and how we as a team deliver the best offerings.

We focused on four essential questions:

- How can we create one shared vision for our social intranet?
- How can we create a flexible environment with common standards to deliver the best experience?
- How can we reinvent the way our teams are organized?
- How can we grow the community of developers and enable them to create their own offerings within the ecosystem?

Our solution is a new vision for the digital workplace that provides connecting services for other platforms and tools. In order to make this happen we designed a new organizational concept with role descriptions and domains for every team member, a working framework including more flexible processes. This allows the teams to release faster and make decisions by themselves based on employee insights.

Alex (Deutsche Telekom AG) and Dennis (EDA) will describe their journey starting with their research and stakeholder involvement, how the team co-created new concepts in design sprints, the ways and tools that are being used to transform the organization and what we learned on their way.