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Clemens Lutsch


Human-centred Design Standards and Enterprise Design - Discovering an unexpected accomplice

Friday, September 8
10:30 – 11:15
Conference Room

Clemens Lutsch
Head of UX Strategy and Branch Manager, Centigrade GmbH

As we encounter a multitude of approaches in Enterprise Design, carefully testing the ground on what the concept can cover and what is beyond the scope of enterprise design - one might be surprised that established paradigms in standards on human-centred design of interactive systems are highly adoptable in this context. One indication is, that these standards don't differentiate between product, system or service. Simply because all the fundamental concepts are to be adopted for all these terms since they share the same baseline: the human being as user of a system. Uncovering that approach, we also can look into some core definitions that help us designing solutions. But there are limitations (luckily ??) since standards on human-centred design do not prescribe a specific design solution. They are demanding a specific quality, regardless of problem, design or technology.