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Johannes Stock


Rebels with a cause

Thursday, September 7
14:15 – 15:00
Conference Room

Johannes Stock
Principal Consultant & Design Strategist, Futurice

Change is hard. As change agents we face many obstacles in our way to shake up organisation's inertia. To be effective, we need to dance on the fine edge between colluding with our clients and alienating them through our interventions. How can we solve this dilemma?
In this talk I recommend change agents to take position as a benevolent rebel. Drawing from my work experience with companies like BMW, Spreadshirt, Porsche and Deutsche Telekom, I introduce several tools and concepts that help us wear the rebels sword without the risk of getting lynched. Understanding the power structure within the system helps us to identify chances and limits of our influence. Positive psychology gives us the concepts of appreciative inquiry and positive deviants –impactful ways to amplify existing good practices within the organisation. And trustbuilding activities help us to build strong, much-needed coalitions. Curiosity and humility let us tap into the power of listening without judging. Thus, overcoming our own biases and hidden agendas. The virtues of embracing uncertainty and not knowing lessens the burden on our shoulders and can be a great gift to a company stuck in paralysis. Finally, nurturing a growthmindset of constant learning helps us to deal with inevitable setbacks constructively. This talk is not a case study. It is an encouragement for rebels with a cause.