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Joost Lommers


Enterprise rebels need to outsmart enterprise inertia in IT departments

Thursday, September 7
11:00 – 11:45
Conference Room

Joost Lommers
Managing Consultant, Trivento Spark!

Good Enterprise Design results in “systems of engagement”. It results in (digital) systems that are both useful and valuable, that are friendly and even enjoyable to use. Whether that user is a customer, a partner or an employee. Getting those systems build can be hard, even more so if there is a substantial legacy of older systems that are in place. Legacy that shows itself in outdated business models, outdated capabilities or outdated technology. This existing ecosystem is hard to change, not only from a technical perspective, but also from a business perspective. As a result, the quickest solution for building new digital systems seems to be building them in isolation, unaffected by everything that already exists and the state it is in. Although easy at first, from an architectural point of view this is just building new legacy. As an enterprise designer you need to know why integration is a must, and what are good practices for getting it done.

This presentation is not deeply technical, and you will get insight in a diverse set of tactics to counteract the enterprise inertia in (large) businesses and their IT departments. These tactics include portfolio management techniques that will free up resources and money for innovation, process interventions that focus energy on change and patterns & techniques for integrating legacy and new systems. Along the way you will learn about the differences between modern day systems of engagement and the older systems of records. You will learn why these different types of systems are hard to integrate and why existing systems seem to be actively fighting change. With this new knowledge, you will be better equipped to discuss getting your Enterprise Design build.