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Patrick Hoverstadt Lucy Loh

Master Class

Patterns of Strategy

Thursday, September 7
14:15 – 16:30
Master Class Room

Patrick Hoverstadt
Consultant, Author of "Patterns of Strategy" & "The Fractal Organization"

Lucy Loh
Consultant, Fractal

This will be a hands on workshop session which will introduce you to Patterns of Strategy which has been described by one reviewer as "the first major new approach to strategy in a long time" and is the first systemic approach developed specifically to address strategy. We’ll show how "emergent strategy" is driven by organisations’ strategic couplings, how you can model that and use it to develop strategy in a totally different way. You’ll have the opportunity to use the approach to model a strategic situation you are interested in.

One feature of the approach is that it can dramatically reduce the time needed for strategy development allowing strategy to be done in an agile way and on a totally different cadence to traditional approaches. A second feature relevant to architects is that it is much easier to integrate the strategy process into information feeds at the input end and actionable plans as an output