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Annika Klyver

Master Class

The Milky Way - A new space for designing and understanding your enterprise

Thursday, September 7
11:00 – 13:15
Master Class Room

Annika Klyver
Senior Enterprise/Business Architect Consultant, IRM Consult AB

Architecture has been too abstract, too still and to much inside and in for too long, the Milky Way thinking adds flow and stories to your architecture and the Milky Way model makes your architecture tangible.

In this session you will learn how to understand, analyze and visualize your business in new ways. Examples will show how the business capabilities can be presented based on the main value flow, i.e. from ideas to sales, delivery and follow up.

To understand more and see new patterns new perspectives, such as ongoing projects, areas of responsibility, value chains for various products and heat maps or customer journeys with touch points showing how various parts in your organization add value to the customer, are added.

The session will also show how you can deliver value from the very beginning and over time. We will also explore how you can connect the outside and in perspectives, the customer view with the inside and out view of how the internal capabilities.

You will take away

• Learn how to visualize your business in a new way
• Find the architecture story of your business
• The main ideas behind Milky Way approach
• How to combine the inside and the outside perspectives
• Relations to other architecture models
• Experience from TUI Nordic within TUI Travel and others clients using the Milky Way on a daily basis