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Sasha Aganova


Innovation and Engagement with Business Architecture

Thursday, September 7
10:00 – 10:45
Conference Room

Sasha Aganova
Managing Partner, Process Renewal Group

When Senior Executives are surveyed for their top concerns two main themes emerge

• A burning need for innovation to match the increasing pace of change expected by customers
• The criticality of employee engagement.

There is a general consensus that a “digital spillover” in expectations is taking place, where customers now expect to see changes and improvements in all their business dealings at the same pace they see improvements in their digital devices and favorite apps!

From an employee perspective, plenty has been written about the impact Millennials are having on the way we work, and how new forms of management can keep them engaged and productive.

In this presentation, Sasha will discuss how just-enough Business Architecture can be leveraged to enable both innovation and employee engagement while assuring alignment to strategic goals.