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Benjamin Falke Milan Guenther Dennis Middeke

Master Class

Supporting rebels with Enterprise Design

Friday, September 8
13:45 – 16:00
Master Class Room

Benjamin Falke
Partner, eda

Milan Guenther
Partner, eda

Dennis Middeke
Partner, eda

From our experiences with all kinds of enterprises rebels are people questioning how and why things are done in the enterprise trying to change from the inside. Rebels feel a growing pain of not working on the right scope and not having the desired impact on customer and employee experiences. Rebels often wish to become a driving force for enterprise wide innovation and transformation but lack the approaches and tools to do so.

In this master class we want to use the Enterprise Design Framework to help rebels and their supporters find opportunities to have impact on the enterprise level.

The Enterprise Design Framework provides a set of approaches, models, and tools to analyse and design all relevant aspects of the enterprise in a holistic but faced paced fashion.