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Yorai Gabriel Guro Røberg


Enterprise Design Tools

Thursday, September 7
15:45 – 16:30
Conference Room

Kuno Brodersen
CEO, Qualiware

Yorai Gabriel
Serial Disrupteneur, Educator

Guro Røberg
Strategic Advisor, Netlife

We will take a look at tools created within the emerging Enterprise Design practitioner's community. Facilitated by EDA's Milan Guenther, this session features three lightning talks on practical tools by their creators, and a discussion on the future of Enterprise Design tools.

A custom Enterprise Design Stack: inspired by a workshop with EDA in Oslo, Guro translated the Enterprise Design Stack into the vocabulary of Norwegian businesses, which calls for some pragmatism and literality. The methodology is adapted to a conversation based tool, where all the fundamental data of a company is harvested and maintained. The tool is dynamic and follows the organizational evolution throughout the customer relation.

A tool for framing and scoping Enterprise Design initiatives: Yorai will introduce Things To Be Done (TTBD). The tool is a complimentary framework to Jobs To Be Done (JTBD), that highlights operational and design challenges during innovation production and realization activities. The TTBD framework helps identify critical attention points and ensure successful fulfillment of innovation ambitions.

Tool support for Enterprise Modelling: adapting approaches from Enterprise and Business Architecture tools to the Enterprise Design Space, QualiWare implemented the Enterprise Design Modelling Language (EDML) in their software suite. Kuno will share examples of applied modelling work, leveraging tool support for creating, sharing and maintaining Enterprise Design models.