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Caroline Meyer


Triggering and sustaining cultural transformation within organizations through digital learning

Friday, September 8
11:15 – 12:00
Conference Room

Caroline Meyer
Digital Learning Manager & Instructional Designer, LearnAssembly

Digital transformation forces markets, organizations and individuals to evolve. The insurance sector is one of the first impacted in France, as its core activity is changing from compensation (after an accident happens) to prevention. Once strategic orientations are defined, how to set the organization in motion towards them? How to trigger and accompany the organization's transformation?

Training and learning and development programs quickly appear as an unavoidable lever in that perspective, and organizations gradually turn to digital learning solutions (such as MOOCs, serious games, etc. ) capable of:

• reaching massive populations rapidly
• triggering shifts in mindsets and fostering skill development
• federating around the transformation project
• boosting concrete initiatives at all levels of the organization that will accelerate and sustain change

Our role as instructional designers in that context is to understand these stakes and to address them through the co-creation, with our clients, of learning experiences that will trigger and accompany cultural change. Our method includes collective intelligence technics, "questiologie" and transformative learning principles. The obstacles we face, as in every change management project, include resistance to change at various levels, strong time constraints and political stakes.

Both the obstacles and the method will be discussed in this talk, through the example of the digital transformation of a major actor of the French insurance sector we accompanied.

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