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Aldo de Jong Harry Wilson


Autonomy in alignment for decentralised organisations

Friday, September 8
9:30 – 10:15
Conference Room

Aldo de Jong
Partner, Claro Partners

Harry Wilson
Senior Associate, Claro Partners

Companies are increasingly moving towards flexible and decentralised organisational structures and this poses a new challenge to them: how can employees have autonomy, while being aligned with company goals? In this session we will share a radical new vision for organisational structure, culture and talent, that challenges traditional business assumptions in the networked world.

Claro Partners is a research and innovation consultancy, and we immersed ourselves in some of the world’s most progressive companies (from the unknown to the overhyped) to understand how they really work on a day to day, human level. From these real life stories, we designed a human-centered way of working for "autonomy in alignment", which was implemented in a mechanical and centralised environment – a multinational bank. In the process of challenging the bank’s HR and business assumptions, we also changed our own mindsets and the way our own organisation works.

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